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Breastfeeding protocol
for fertility monitor

Breastfeeding protocol
for mucus

NFP and long cycles

NFP and short cycles


NFP after using
hormonal contraception


Vaginal Hygiene
and Vaginal Infections

Premensteual Syndrome (PMS)

Continuous Mucus
and Other Body Fluids

Management of
Continuous Mucus

Return to fertility
after child birth

Medical referral
for women's health problems

NFP and unusual bleeding

Special Circumstances and NFP

There are a number of special circumstances in a woman’s life that can affect the menstrual cycle and the use of NFP. The following section of this NFP Web site provides a short description of these special circumstances and the modified instructions that coincide with them. Please click on the special circumstance on the left hand column that pertains to your situation. In addition, we have included information on other topics that might be of help when using NFP.

The special circumstances
and special topics in NFP covered include:
NFP and short menstrual cycles
NFP and long menstrual cycles
NFP and breastfeeding protocol – monitor
NFP and breastfeeding protocol – mucus
NFP and continuous mucus
NFP and discontinuing hormonal contraception
NFP and the change of life (the peri-menopausal years)
NFP and stress
NFP and unusual bleeding

Other topics of interest:

NFP and return of fertility after childbirth
NFP and other body fluids
NFP and vaginal hygiene
NFP and vaginal infections
NFP and medical referral

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