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Breastfeeding protocol
for fertility monitor

Breastfeeding protocol
for mucus

NFP and long cycles

NFP and short cycles


NFP after using
hormonal contraception


Vaginal Hygiene
and Vaginal Infections

Premensteual Syndrome (PMS)

Continuous Mucus
and Other Body Fluids

Management of
Continuous Mucus

Return to fertility
after child birth

Medical referral
for women's health problems

NFP and unusual bleeding

NFP and Short Menstrual Cycles

A short menstrual cycle will occur when a woman ovulates early in her cycle.  If she does, she will have markers of fertility (i.e., either high monitor readings or high mucus ratings) earlier than usual (See example Short Cycle Chart).  The electronic fertility monitor is designed for menstrual cycle lengths of 22-42 days in length.  If you have 2 or more cycles outside of those lengths, please consult with your NFP nurse.  For those using mucus monitoring please continue to follow the normal instructions for determining the fertile window and read the instructions below.  

First 6 cycles with mucus sign:

Second 6 cycles with mucus sign:

To manage short cycles due to early ovulation, you should:
Realize that you can ovulate early in any cycle. 
Check for cervical mucus on the light and very light days of your menstrual cycle.
If high rated mucus is observed, consider those days as fertile.
Two or more short cycles, please contact your NFP nurse for a Life Style Assessment.


Fertility BEGINS on day 6 of the first 6 cycles.

After 6 cycles, fertility BEGINS on the earliest day of “peak” type mucus during the last 6 cycles minus 6 days or the first "high" mucus reading - whichever comes first.


Fertility ENDS on the last “peak” day of cervical mucus plus 3 full days.

After 6 cycles, fertility ENDS on the last “peak” day of the last 6 cycles plus 3 full days, or the last "peak" day of cervical mucus plus a count of 3 full days - whichever comes first. 

NOTE:  If you know you fall into the short cycle parameters (<22 days) instructions for avoiding a pregnancy in the first six cycles is to consider yourself fertile until the end of the 4th day past the peak day.

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