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Breastfeeding protocol
for fertility monitor

Breastfeeding protocol
for mucus

NFP and long cycles

NFP and short cycles


NFP after using
hormonal contraception


Vaginal Hygiene
and Vaginal Infections

Premensteual Syndrome (PMS)

Continuous Mucus
and Other Body Fluids

Management of
Continuous Mucus

Return to fertility
after child birth

Medical referral
for women's health problems

NFP and unusual bleeding

Breastfeeding Protocol for
the Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Protocol for couples who want to avoid a pregnancy:

NOTE: After reviewing basic instructions for the electronic fertility monitor you are ready to apply the breastfeeding weaning instructions. With this protocol you will be creating "artificial” 20 day cycles until you ovulate. With this protocol, always use the first morning urine when testing your urine. You must have at least four hours between voids (4 hour concentration) for the monitor to accurately detect your fertility. If you get up more frequently during the night than you will have to collect the urine and test it during the monitor test window. There is no need to refrigerate your collected sample. Remember the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is designed for couples wanting to achieve pregnancy. This protocol has not been approved by Unipath Diagnostics. Contact your Marquette Model Professional NFP Nurse if you have any questions.
(See example chart below)

The breastfeeding protocol is as follows:

Trigger a cycle by pushing the “M” button on the monitor.
Fast forward the monitor to day 5 by holding down the M button.
The next 20 days the monitor will ask for a test.
Test your first morning urine every other day.
When a "high" is recorded then test the urine every day.
Re-trigger the monitor and fast forward every 20 days.
Continue steps 1-6 until you detect a Peak reading and resume menses.
When menses resumes follow regular cycle instructions.
Intercourse instructions are:
To avoid pregnancy, avoid intercourse on High and Peak days and three full days after the last Peak day.

Protocol developed by Dr. Richard J. Fehring, Professor at MUCN
and Director of the Institute, March 2004

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