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Avoiding pregnancy

Achieving pregnancy

Instructions for use
of the Hormone
Fertility Monitor

Instructions for use
of cervical mucus

Instructions for combining
signs of fertility


Instructions for Achieving
or Avoiding Pregnancy
(Cervical Mucus Monitoring)

Avoiding Pregnancy

The basic instructions for avoiding pregnancy are quite simple and intuitive. Essentially, to avoid pregnancy do not have intercourse or genital contact or use withdrawal during the fertile window. The corollary to this is that a couple can have intercourse or genital contact during the two infertile phases. However, in the pre-ovulatory infertile phase (also called the relative infertile phase) intercourse and genital contact should be limited to the end of the day only. The reason that it is limited to end of the day only is because the daily activity of the woman observer helps to bring down cervical mucus to the opening of the vagina. Thus, it is at the end of the day that the woman/couple user can be sure of her cervical mucus indicator. Another reason is that the pre-ovulatory phase of the cycle is the phase that varies the most. Using greater caution in this phase is common sense.

example cycle using mucus
Charted Cycle Example: Cervical Mucus Monitoring

The following algorithm for determining the fertile phase with the cervical mucus sign is designed for women who have cycles between 22 and 42 days in length. Those who have cycles longer or shorter than that range or who have cycle lengths that vary more than 8 days should consult with a professional NFP teacher. 


For the first 6 cycles, fertility begins on day 6.
  After 6 cycles,
Fertility begins on the earliest Peak mucus day minus 6 days or the first day that High mucus is felt or seen (whichever comes first).


Fertility ends on the evening of the 4th day past the Peak in cervical mucus


To achieve pregnancy, have intercourse on the days of High and Peak cervical mucus.


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